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Urban Harvest's First DEI Baseline
Developed with support from the Kinder Institute

In the Summer of 2022, Malaika Bergner, a fellow from the Kinder Institute for Urban Research's Community Bridges Program developed Urban Harvest's first Baseline Analysis that compared the diversity (in terms of ethnicity) among community members. With this DEI Baseline, Urban Harvest is taking action to make sure each priority community is represented.

Malaika Bergner is a Rice University student studying Social Policy Analysis and African and African American Studies, interested in social justice, policy research, community organizing, and marginalized histories. For the 2021-22 year she completed a Community Bridges Fellowship and internship at Urban Harvest which expanded her knowledge of the urban social landscape, community access to local, healthy food, and the role of non-profit organizations within marginalized communities. This summer, as she continued her work with Urban Harvest, she also served as a RISE mentor to incoming freshman in the social sciences and humanities. Since May 2020, she has served as Program Assistant at the Rice Center for Engaged Research and Collaborative Learning which has allowed her to engage Houston communities in the arts and religious studies, as well as support ongoing historical research like Project Pleasantville and the Black Houston Archive. Malaika is now in her senior year and looks forward to discovering more about herself as she serves as Black Student Association President and a chair on the Center for African and African American Studies Student Advisory Committee.

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