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The “Grow Kits” project  Is a hybrid model to deliver organic and nutrition education (in Spanish and English), along with resources such as transplants, seeds, and soil for students to engage in organic gardening, and encouraging their parents to learn about how to access healthy food options by sharing material about SNAP and Double Up, low-cost and healthy recipes, virtual cooking-demos, and more.


Our Grow Kits summer pilot was designed and implemented with 7 schools and community partners including Gallegos Elementary, Lantrip Elementary, Gregory Lincoln Education Center, Trinity Classical School, LosNiños Early Childhood Montessori Program, Pin Oak Middle School, and El Centro del Corazon. Below our results from our Grow Kits pilot program. 


How could the learning experience with the "Grow Kit" be improved?

  • Instead of the weekly submissions do an end of project submission.

  • Having Urban Harvest guides/instructors reach out to the students directly...

  • For a child may be an easy worksheet/book on planting a garden. Just to inform them but fun. We read more books on the subject which helped.

  • Giving a small bottle of insecticide to kill pests or undesirable insects

  • Our kids loved watching the plants go and were super interested in how certain plants behaved (vines, etc.).  Although they are young 3-5. They had a good interest in the program.

  • It was a fun experience. I think it would have been fun to get together live but of course, that wasn’t possible.

  • Possible instructions on what to do with the growing plant every week, so we know when fruit/grain is ready to be picked, sorry may have used wrong terms!

  • More planting instructions

  • It was very simple and my two-year-old, my husband and myself had a lot of fun.

  • It would be fun to have students log in to a zoom call and make a couple of recipes.  Perhaps keep groups in from 7-10 students along with their teacher.

  • This experience was great and excellent

  • Nothing, we all enjoyed it!

Did you face other challenges?

  • Weather conditions and direct exposure to sunlight...

  • The soil that we received was infested with ants, but we were able to remediate this overnight by using a drench of neem oil and water. Thankfully, Ms. Burton was accessible and responsive to help make this recommendation.  Also, some out seeds have not yet been planted, as they are best planted in spring.

​Which other topics, if any, would you like to learn in the future?

  • Medicinal Plants

  • Raised Garden and Green House projects...

  • Insect life cycle. Water cycle. Planting fruits/vegetables in detail.

  • Best time to plant different vegetables and flowers

  • How to grow different fruits or vegetables like avocado, lemons, etc.  and the steps to grow them at home.

  • We would enjoy learning about problems that arise in the garden and how to treat them.

  • Start with the easiest plants to grow to build up confidence.

  • Pets or farm animals

  • Companion planting and soil amendment are topics that would be highly beneficial.

  • What veggies go in pots and which need to be planted in the ground. I'm clueless.

  • How to inspect plants for signs of a problem? Bugs, holes in leaves, etc.

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